Thursday, November 17, 2011

1977 Topps #11 - Rob Dressler

  • Rob Dressler was the #1 pick of the San Francisco Giants in 1972
  • Dressler pitched in the minors for four years before getting a late season call-up in 1975.
  • Rob split time between AAA Phoenix and the Giants in 1976.
  • Dressler was in Phoenix for the entire 1977 season. He had a 10-10 record with a 5.29 ERA in Phoenix.
  • The rest of Rob's baseball career is summarized on his 1976 entry.
  • Here is a blog entry about Rob's time with the Seattle Mariners in 1980 and 1981.
  • Other baseball card blogs: 1976, 1976

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  1. I cringe every time I see Candlestick with that sickly astroturf green. It's just all wrong. Love his mustache & tuft of hair flying out though!