Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Found An Old Baseball Glove

  • I was looking for my old baseball stuff a few days ago since the little one we are fostering is getting ready for tee-ball (another entry on that will be forthcoming). I have four gloves in the closet and haven't used any of them in over ten years. One of the gloves is the one pictured here.
  • The glove belonged to my dad when he was a kid. It's a Bobby Shantz model. Bobby Shantz was the 1952 AL Most Valuable Player.
  • My dad gave me this glove to use when I was about 8-9 years old. I thought I was really getting a good deal. I had the 1975 Topps MVP card that showed Bobby's 1952 card. Any player that had won an MVP was pretty darned good in my book.
  • I put the glove on for the first time in many years to play catch with the little one in the backyard. It's a good thing she's only six years old, otherwise the ball would have gone right through the webbing.

  • The glove is pretty beat up and is missing several of the lacings. It has the shoestrings that I used to relace it when I was about ten years old. The name I wrote on it is faded out. It can use a few treatments with Neats Foot oil. My dad bought me a glove when I was about ten, and this one didn't get used much after that. Still, I won't be getting rid of this glove. It has too many good memories associated with it.

  • I haven't done any player collections. But I think in honor of this glove I'll start a Bobby Shantz player collection.

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