Sunday, November 3, 2013

And The Next Blog Is.....

  • The 1978 Topps Baseball set was the winner in the "next blog" poll. 1978 had 16 votes, 1981 had 9 votes, and 1960 had 6 votes. The link to the new blog is here.
  • I'm toying with the idea of doing a 1981 blog as well. How much interest would there be in doing a "community blog" for 1981? It could be structured similar to the "Pack to be Named Later" blog where each person could post about any 1981 baseball card he/she wants. Please let me know in the comments or by e-mail.
  • By the way, I "borrowed" the image from The Shlablotnik Report blog. I have the same magazine in storage but I couldn't dig it out. I used to dream about getting cards from these ads in Street and Smith's and so forth, but I wasn't able to afford it until I was 11 years old and got a paper route in the summer of 1978.  Once I started making some money I sent out for a lot of stuff from these ads.


  1. I have the full '81 set, so I could contribute. Although with two set blogs and another one, not sure how frequent it would be.

  2. That ad brings back memories. In '78 I was working in NYC my first year out of HS and one day I shot over to Brooklyn to get that set and the '77 one from the Renata Galasso warehouse. They were the first sets I didn't put together from buying the packs. They had a pretty big business back then, not too far from the Topps plant.

  3. I just came across your blog. I answered the same ad in 1978 and received my first complete set of baseball cards. I was 14 and I had to purchase a money order to send to Renata. I still have the set in the box it was mailed in plus I have my 78 that I pulled from wax packs. I love this set. I remember I could never decide how to sort the set - numerical order vs team sets. I finally settle on numerical order for the last 25+ - years. I look forward to exploring your post.

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