Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1977 Topps Baseball #421 - Doug Rau

  • Doug Rau had another solid year in 1977. The Dodgers had a great rotation that season --Rau was only 4th on the team with 14 wins. Doug started the season 11-1 before tailing off because of a sore shoulder in August and September.
  • Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda gave the ball to Rau to start the 4th game of the World Series. Rau's shoulder was hurting during the last part of the season, but the Dodgers were accustomed to a 5-man rotation and Don Sutton was unable to start on three days rest. Doug didn't get out of the second inning, as this expletive-laden video attests:

  • 1977 Stats
    • Regular season: 14-8, 3.43 in 32 starts
    • NL Championship Series: 0-0, 0.00 ERA in 1 game
    • World Series: 0-1, 11.57 ERA in 2 games (1 start)
  • 1977 Highlights:
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  1. I wonder if all managers swear as much as Tommy did. I always wonder what's said during mound visits, and now I know.