Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1977 Topps Baseball #232 - 1976 Record Breaker Minnie Minoso

  • It's too bad that a lot of people remember Minnie Minoso for being an old guy who would be activated occasionally for novelty purposes. Minoso was a good player in the 1950s and early 1960s and may have had a shot at the Hall of Fame if his circumstances were different.
  • Minoso still holds the record. This record is unlikely to be broken.


  1. Minoso didn't get a real shot in the majors until he was 25. Given his minor league numbers before that, and even his negro league numbers before that, he missed out on a few years at he beginning of his career. If he had played those years, he would be in the HOF. A case could easily be made to put him in now.

  2. Baseball Reference and Wikipedia have Minnie being born three years later (November, 1925) than is started on his 1977 Topps Record Breaker card. If this is true, Minnie doesn't even own this record since he was only 50 years old during the 1976 season.